In the port of Aktau, exercises were held

Today within the framework of a single day of antiterrorist training in the port of Aktau, the next training was held under the threat of chemical contamination under the motto “Where is your gas mask?”

During the exercises, the activities of voluntary civil protection units and personnel, a rifle group of militarized railway guards under the threat of chemical contamination associated with the release of radiation or strong poisonous substances at a chemically hazardous facility as a result of the act of terrorism were worked out. Coordination of actions was carried out by the port’s leadership in conjunction with members of the Civil Defense Staff.

During the exercise, all the personnel were trained in the use of civil gas masks, radiation and chemical reconnaissance devices, and also the functional duties for members of voluntary civil protection formations in the event of a threat of chemical contamination

At the signal “Attention to all!” The evacuation of all the personnel was carried out, the detachment of public order protection organized the commandant’s service and the cordon of the training zone, the formations carried out emergency technical, rescue and urgent work, and the first medical aid was provided to the injured during the defeat with potent poisonous substances .

The guard of the State Border was led by a detachment of the KSC of the RK with the use of PPE.