The research vessel Nomad was handed over to the students of Kazakhstan

Today in the port of Aktau, representatives of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, headed by Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee K. Nurkenov, accepted a vessel intended for students of the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan studying marine professions.

The vessel was provided by the private Kazakhstani shipping company Caspian Offshore Construction (COC). Until recently, it carried out research work in the period of oil development in the Kashagan area. Now 22 students can practice at the same time, the ship has everything necessary for a long stay at sea: equipped comfortable cabins, a dining room, a classroom. “And this is only the beginning,” said K. Nurkenov. Later on, based on the COC in the village of Bautino, where there is its own training center, it will be possible to work out a whole range of services intended for student trainees. ”