Representatives of the Indian company Lark logistics Pvt Ltd. visited Aktau port

Indian multimodal transport company “Lark logistics Pvt Ltd.” is exploring the possibilities of carrying out container transportation through the port of Aktau. That’s why, the port was visited by the chairman of the board of Lark logistics Pvt Ltd. Mr. Sherad Chandra Goel and general manager Mr. Sachin Dhok, accompanied by Nurlan Igembayev, vice president for business development of KTZ Express JSC..

Делегацию встретил президент порта А. Турикпенбаев, в ходе ознакомительной беседы он рассказал о технических возможностях порта и подтвердил готовность к перевалке любых видов грузов, включая опасные.  Шерад  Чандра Гоел выразил надежду, что при  удачной  взимовыгодной   интеграции  этого маршрута  уже через год можно будет наладить планируемый грузопоток через порт Актау в страны Центральной Азии и СНГ.

The delegation was met by the President of the port A. Turikpenbayev, during the introductory conversation he told about the technical possibilities of the port and confirmed readiness for transshipment of any types of cargo, including dangerous ones. Sherad Chandra Goel expressed his hope that with the successful mutually beneficial integration of this route, in a year it will be possible to establish the planned cargo flow through the port of Aktau to the countries of Central Asia and the CIS.

In conclusion, the vice-president of operation V. Khartyan conducted an introductory excursion for the guests on the berths of the port.