Aktau Port held an anti-terrorist exercise

Within the framework of a single anti-terrorist training day, in accordance with the instruction of the Anti-Terrorist Committee of the Mangistau region, the Aktau Sea Port passed preventive and training activities (hereinafter – exercises) in cooperation with state authorities.

As part of their anti-terrorist activities, representatives of the Anti-Terrorist Committee (ATC) visited the company as part of the ATK department staff Maralbek Seilov, Kuanysh Bederov, Head of the Department for Countering Extremism of the Mangistau Oblast Department of Internal Affairs Rashid Kuandykov and his deputy Daulet Kartzhanov.

Employees and special equipment of the Department of the National Security Committee, the Department of Internal Affairs, the Emergency Situations Department, the Regional Coast Guard Directorate of the Border Guard Service of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Militarized Railway Guard and other departments took part in the training events.

During the exercise, a training improvised explosive device was discovered. Hearing the signal of the siren, the port workers left the buildings and structures, after checking the presence of personnel on the military notes, they were evacuated to a safe place. The explosive device was neutralized.

After the completion of the event, the leaders of the port departments announced the results of the exercises, gave advice on the prevention of terrorist situations in the enterprise. Observers from the ATC and state agencies noted the coordinated and efficient interaction of the port staff during the training activities.

The main expert on external security of the Aktau seaport R. Ainabek supervised the exercise.