Today, in the port of Aktau, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with the world’s third largest container carrier, the French container shipping company CMA CGM.

The parties intend to study and evaluate the possibility of joint cooperation, allowing the CMA CGM group to use the Aktau Sea Trade Port as a logistics hub for the import, export and transit of containers and the loading / unloading of ships calling at Aktau port.

The president of the port of Aktau, A. Turikpenbayev, emphasized the special significance of this event for the port of Aktau. Currently, the port is focused on the development of its transit potential, – said A. Turikpenbayev. – Reorientation to container transportation has become our main task. At this time, the capacity of the port allows you to receive and process up to 40 thousand containers per year, but the strategic objectives are much higher – 75-100 thousand containers. In such conditions, the involvement of the largest shipping company in cooperation with its fleet of containers provides the port with good opportunities to increase the volume of transshipment of containerized cargo.

Managing Director of CMA CGM Arman Kuzhanov during the meeting said that this is without a doubt a mutually beneficial project. For CMA CGM, such cooperation makes it possible to use the Trans-Caspian route to expand the geography of the services provided, using the transport route from the port of Aktau to the port of Baku to transport cargo from Central Asia to Turkey and the Mediterranean countries.

CMA CGM is a shipping company headquartered in Marseille, primarily engaged in container shipping. It is the largest container carrier in France and the third largest in the world with a total vessel capacity of 2.208 million TEUs.