The first trial batch of copper cathodes in containers arrived in Turkey

On January 29, 2021, the first trial batch of copper cathodes in containers arrived in Turkey. Transportation was carried out using the new service of Aktau port, which allows customers to change the methods of transporting their goods to their final destination.

Chairman of the Executive Board of JSC “Sea port of Aktau” Abay Turikpenbaev, noted: “Such multimodal transportation (repacking from wagons into containers) is the result of the systematic implementation of our strategy to become a container hub for the countries of Central Asia. Importantly, the market has now also realized that using the Aktau port as a hub for their cargo is cost effective and competitive in price compared to alternative routes. Modern trends in logistics require transparent, efficient and competitive solutions, and we are proud to be able to offer such solutions. Aktau port as a founding member of TITR has become the driving force behind the transformation of logistics not only in the Caspian, but also in the Central Asian region. And we can say with confidence that we are on the way to implement, among other things, the strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to transform into a container hub and a priority transit country for China and the countries of Central Asia”.

In turn, “Azurite logistics” CEO of company-shipper Alibi Kalyshev noted that to date, the delivery of goods to the buyer in Turkey was carried out via the Novorossiysk seaport and a new route allows you to save on logistics and shorten delivery time for our customers.

In addition, he stressed that an alternative route to Turkey opens up new opportunities for the company to manage risks, reducing dependence on Russian operators of wagons and infrastructure of Russian railways, and is also the second strategic route for the delivery of goods to foreign partners to ensure uninterrupted export supplies.