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“NC “Aktau sea commercial port” JSC

Disposition of ships – Aktau

Disposition of the ships – Bautino


Novikov Vadim Vasilyevich

Chief Dispatcher

Port waste Management program

Green port

For the whole of 2020, 19.5 tons of waste were transferred

1.7 tons
1.9 tons

For Customers


Dear Customers!

“NC “ASCP” JSC informs that from November 10, 2023, the port of Aktau provides no more than the 1st (one) free re-mooring of ships (port towing services) between the berths of AMNT and ASCP, and vice versa, at each ship call.

Currently, ferry services, including passenger services, in the direction of Aktau-Baku-Aktau are carried out through the Port of Kuryk LLP.
Tickets for the ferry in the port of Aktau are not sold. To purchase ferry tickets, please contact the following phone numbers: +7 (7292) 462-442, +7 771 303 6814 (background information)

Joint-Stock Company “Aktau Port” (hereinafter — the Company) informs you that the Company’s Tariff Policy has been developed and approved by the Board of Directors (Minutes No. 56 of 20.12.2019).

Dear customers of Aktau Port, we inform you that the activity of the temporary storage warehouse (hereinafter referred to as SVH) has been restored. SVH provides services daily from 08: 30 to 20: 30, seven days a week.

About the Port

The seaport of Aktau (Kazakhstan) is located on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea at the intersection of several international transport corridors, which allows for the transportation of dry cargo, crude oil and petroleum products from east to west, from north to south and back to Iran, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan 12 months a year and 24 hours a day.

The port of Aktau is located on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea and is intended for international transportation of various dry cargo, crude oil and petroleum products.

Port features

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Compliance with the requirements of the international standards of environmental safety systems (ISO 14001), occupational safety and health (OHSAS 18001) and the safety requirements of navigation and ship maintenance is the main priority in the work of the port of Aktau.