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Cargo district “Bautino”

Cargo district “Bautino” is a division “OC “Aktau Commercial Sea Port” JSC, and is located in the village of Bautino (150 km from the city of Aktau), in the waters of the Bautino Bay of Tyubkaragansky Gulf.

Bautino port can process up to 200 thous. tons of cargo. The main advantage is the absence of ship idleness in the roads due to the natural protection from disturbances, which allows performing cargo operations even in stormy weather.


  • Navigation – year-round
  • Working timetable – 24 hours a day
  • Number of terminals – 1
  • Length of terminal well – 150 m
  • Alongside depth – 5,5 meters
  • Loading and unloading machinery – 2 frame cranes with load -carrying ability of 32 and 5 tons.
  • Cargo classification: industrial equipment, construction materials, stone shell bricks, building and fuelwood forest, foodstuff, foodstuff for liverstock, container cargoes, scrap metal and others.


Saktaganov Myrzabek Zhanapievich
chief of Cargo district “Bautino”

  • tel.: 8 (72938) 24888
  • e-mail: saktaganov_m@aktauport.kz

Kiynov Kanibek Kusherovich
chief of Loading and unloading complex.

  • tel.: 8 (72938) 24049
  • mobile: +7701522640
  • e-mail: kiinov_k@aktauport.kz