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For Customers


In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 among workers and visitors of the port in accordance with the Resolutions of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 1, 2021 No. 31, dated July 14, 2021 No. 32, access to the territory of JSC National Company Aktau Sea Trading port.


At present, ferry transportation, including passenger, in the direction of Aktau – Baku – Aktau is carried out through Port Kuryk

Ferry tickets in Aktau port are not for sale. To purchase ferry tickets, please contact the numbers below:

+7 (7292) 462-442
+7 771 303 6814 (help desk)


Dear clients of JSC “Sea port of Aktau”, we would like to inform you that the temporary storage warehouse has been restored. The temporary storage warehouse provides services daily from 08:30 to 20:30, seven days a week.

Temporary storage warehouse specialist Gumarova Ainagul , Ilyasov Zhangeldi internal phone number 1128

Port in the limits of its territory, waters and on the roads, provided on the basis of contracts (agreements) with the following services:

1) Loading and discharging operations carried out by the forces and means of the Seaport:

а) Loading and discharging operations at the berths of general cargo:

  • provision of loading and discharging operations;
  • transhipment of bulk cargo;
  • rolling cargo transshipment;
  • container handling;
  • cargo handling by crane;
  • crane handling of oversized and heavy cargo;
  • loading / discharging / from the train;

б) loading and discharging operations at ferry berths:

  • loading / discharging cargo by crane;
  • reloading of goods by rolling method;

2) Loading and discharging operations performed by the forces and means of the Client:  

  • Provision of the Port infrastructure (excluding berths) for loading and discharging oil by the Clients;
  • Provision of the Port infrastructure (excluding berths) for loading and discharging ferry cargo by the Clients;
  • Provision of the Port infrastructure (excluding berths) for loading and discharging grain by the Clients;

3) Services for the call of the Vessel at the Seaport for the performance of cargo operations and / or other purposes with the subsequent departure from the Port (vessel call);

4) Storage of goods in open storage areas and in a covered warehouse;

5) Storage of goods at warehouse sites of a temporary storage warehouse;

6) Extract of bills of lading, orders;

7) Marine agency services.

At the expense of the Client, the Port provides the following services and works:

  1. Supply of the Vessel with fresh water;
  2. Loading of booms for the period of draining / filling
  3. Oil / oil products or bunkering operations of fuels and lubricants;
  4. Cleaning the water area from oil pollution during oil spills;
  5. Provision of a tugboat for purposes other than berthing operations;
  6. Cleaning of wagons, holds of vessels and storage facilities from cargo residues and separation;
  7. Lift-up, delivery and cleaning of goods;
  8. Cleaning wagons from foreign cargo;
  9. Checking the condition of the goods in the temporary storage warehouse;
  10. Power supply of vessels;
  11. Provision of separation material for safe transportation and storage of cargo;
  12. Receiving bilge and domestic waste water from the vessel for their further disposal;
  13. Brokerage services.